My APP for Cystic Fibrosis

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An accurate enzyme replacement arises as an early nutritional intervention able to provide better nutritional status and patients’ welfare from early stages avoiding complications associated to the development of the cystic fibrosis disease. By means of our innovative and portable ICT tool we will improve the socio-economic impact of the disease, promoting healthy lifestyle, intertwining patient empowerment, education and training with self-management and prevention of secondary CF-complications. 

For patients

The multidisciplinary and complementary approach of this co-developed integrative PROJECT guarantees the patient’s adherence to the treatment and the best outcome of the nutritional intervention mainly in childhood. The beneficiaries of the application comprise patients, caregivers, families and health professionals as well as health monitoring authorities. 

For professionals

MyCyFAPP is tailored designed and will be clinically validated for CF self-management and monitoring becoming a competitive market product in Europe. This APP will have a key role as decision support system, boosting the growth and competitiveness of the participating SMEs in Europe, which will ensure the market uptake and the MyCyFAPP distribution for the benefit of the patient.

Feature Box

“Behind MyCyFAPP Project: Correlating Inherent-to-Food Factors with Pancreatic Enzyme Requirements” at International Journal of Drug Research and Technology Vol. 7 (6), E01

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MyCyFAPP is a project funded by the European Commission under the Research and Innovation Framework Programme “Horizon 2020”
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