The self-management APP

The MyCyFAPP self-management app is a mobile application to support Cystic Fibrosis patients and their caregivers to increase their knowledge about the disease, to help them adhere to their treatment and share information about their health status with health professionals. Patients and health professionals from several European countries were involved in the development process through interviews and co-design workshops, to ensure that MyCyFAPP self-management app fits perfectly to the patients’ and parents’ needs and concerns. 

Educational tools

The Nutritional Recommendations Handbook

The Nutritional Recommendations Handbook is a compilation of information related to what Cystic Fibrosis is and the nutritional therapy, focused on nutritional education and practical tips. The Nutritional Recommendations Handbook goes beyond the nutritional educational resources currently available, in terms of topics, amount of information and the way of presenting it. It was created on the basis of scientific evidence and taking into account the results of the nutritional habits study performed in MyCyFAPP project. The handbook contains general recommendations and specific advices for addressing the current nutritional imbalances identified. It is full of practical examples and applicable recommendations, written in a plain language and easy-to-read, includes images, infographics and layouts.


My Happy Pat

MY HAPPY PAT is a mobile game for tablets designed for young patients (4-11 years) with cystic fibrosis. Players have to take care of PAT, the avatar living on an island, by monitoring its health status in terms of food intake, hydration, fatigue and well-being. The game is divided into mini-games (MG) to accomplish these tasks. MG have been developed around specific educational contents dealing with food habits, with the aim to provide relevant knowledge to young players.





The Professional Web Tool

MyCyFAPP Professional Web Tool enables health professionals (doctors, nutritionists, nurses and psychologists) keep track of the patients’ health status, symptoms and evolution. It is a website powered by a strong backend and an easy-to-use front end. Is integrated with the self-management-app, provides trends and analytics of several variables and can be integrated within Electronic Medical Record.


A tool specifically designed to create recipes based on complete and reliable nutritional composition databases. Recipes can be tagged according to the nutritional composition of the resulting dish, in terms of recommended to increase or decrease specific nutrients, for example #increasecalcium, #increasefat, #decreasesugar. Users can also create new dishes with this methodology and save them in the APP as “my dishes”.



Complete country-specific nutritional composition databases for five European Countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands.  MyFoodFACTS enhances and reformulates existing Nutritional Composition Data Bases by adding new foods and filling nutritional information gaps. MyFoodFACTS classifies each food into groups and sub-groups to facilitate and speed up the usability and analysis.


An online tool to compile case reports specifically designed for clinical trials involving patients, including food intake records, clinical data and results of laboratory tests.  Electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs) are mandatory in any study or trial involving patients as they include anonymised personal information: clinical data, food records, and analytical determinations results. MyFoodREC speeds up the collection and analysis process. Complementarily the system can be used only as a system for food record evaluation, outside the context of a clinical study, as a system for dietary management.

Theoretical Optimal Dose Data Base

In vitro digestion studies conducted in MyCyFAPP project have determined the “Theoretical Optimal Dose” of enzymatic supplements (TOD) for a selection of food products. The Theoretical Optimal Dose Data Base contains information related to the dose of enzyme that reaches the maximum level of fat digestion and expresses it in lipase units per gram of fat (LU/g fat).

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euflagProject funded by the European Union
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MyCyFAPP is a project funded by the European Commission under the Research and Innovation Framework Programme “Horizon 2020”