What is cystic fibrosis?

Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disorder that affects organs that secrete mucus such as lungs, pancreas, liver and intestine.  Cystic fibrosis makes mucus stickier than normal making organs working less effectively. It causes recurrent pulmonary infections, absence of digestive enzymes in the gut and excessive salt loss in the sweat.

The majority of patients with Cystic Fibrosis suffer from lifelong pancreatic insufficiency leading to maldigestion of foods and malabsorption. Malnutrition and growth stunting can be avoided by accurate enzyme replacement therapy and a close nutritional follow up and support as well as by early nutritional intervention.


How can MyCyFAPP help patients

Due to the pancreatic insufficiency patients have to follow an Enzymatic Replacement Therapy. Calculating the optimal dosage of supplementary enzymes is a challenge since it depends on the characteristics of each meal.

MyCyFAPP has developed a model validated through in vitro digestion studies that is able to predict the optimal amount of supplementary enzymes for each meal.

MyCyFAPP has a special focus on nutrition as a balanced diet is a fundamental pillar for the wellbeing of patients. For this reason, the Project has generated educational resources for helping patients to improve their nutritional status. Tools are incorporated in a mobile software so patients can make use of it any time they need. 


A European Project

My Cystic Fibrosis Application is funded by the European Commission under Grant Agreement number 643806. Created in 2015 is composed by 12 European organizations.

The multidisciplinary team comprises health institutions, biomedical research centers, IT developers, gaming companies and patients’ representatives.

Since January 2018, around 200 patients from five European countries are participating in the clinical trial that will last until October 2018. 


In Vitro Digestion of Lipids in Real Foods:

Influence of Lipid Organization Within the Food Matrix and Interactions

with Nonlipid Components. 


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MyCyFAPP is a project funded by the European Commission under the Research and Innovation Framework Programme “Horizon 2020”
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