A predictive model for optimal enzyme dosage

We are going to develop and validate a model for optimal PERT adjustment, by integrating for the first time results obtained through in vitro and in vivo digestibility studies. This model will be able to predict the personalised and customised amount of enzymes required for the complete digestion of each different meal that patients consume, taking into account both the characteristics of each food product or meal and the individual factor concerning individuals’ variables such as the degree of pancreatic insufficiency severity or the gastro-intestinal transit rate.

The incorporation of the predictive model into a mobile software platform will allow CF patients to make use of it any time they are going to have a meal, thus in real time they are going to self-manage the enzyme dosage needed for an adequate lipid digestion of that specific meal. A mobile application is the ideal platform for this function since it will allow for the utilisation of this feature anywhere and at any time.

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